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Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI)

The SFI is a government subsidy designed to encourage greening and most farm businesses looking to improve sustainability without affecting overall productivity. By providing incentives for activities such as soil tests, cover cropping and multi-cropping, the SFI scheme can be used to bankroll regenerative, organic and sustainable farming techniques, especially if carefully planned out in comparison to a Natural Capital Baseline.

If you are interested in applying for SFI and other Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant Offers/Schemes, please contact SFWAG where you can be assigned to an adviser to meet your farms’ specific requirements on managing your soils, nutrients, hedges, and habitats.


Environmental Land Management (ELMs)

As the UK government move away from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the ELM scheme will look to provide payments for provide environmental goods and services alongside food production, and providing one-off grants to support farm productivity. While the progress develops, we are keen to integrate the relevant attributes into our delivery schemes.

If you have queries, please speak to one of our advisors who will either update you on the ELMs progress or provide alternate pathways and solutions.


Countryside Stewardship

Our advisors are well versed in the CSS process and can offer a range of services including;

  • Pre-survey & consultation for application, maximise successful outcomes.

  • Higher Tier and Mid Tier – obtaining quotes for existing HLS capital works.

  • Management advice for pre-existing ELS and HLS schemes including ‘care and maintenance’ package or option measurement, ensuring scheme compliance and project success

  • Calendars and work schedules for stewardship schemes


In order to support farms, whether day-to-day or through development, our advisors are well versed and up-to-date on the current state of governmental support available. 


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