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What is it?

The Woodland Trust is urging landowners to join the fight to protect the Eastern Claylands from the increasing effects of ash dieback and other tree pests and diseases.

Landowners within the Eastern Claylands area (see map attached) can receive up to two fully subsidised tree packs this winter.

Each pack contains 50 saplings, including species carefully selected to best replace trees which will be lost to disease and preserve and strengthen the landscape against future threats. Tree protection is included.
The Eastern Claylands covers large parts of Essex, Suffolk, and South Norfolk. The Woodland Trust is working across the landscape to protect trees and woodlands from stressors such as tree disease and climate change.

Planting new trees to replace those lost to disease is a critical part of this project. With the effects of Chalara Ash Dieback and Acute Oak Decline we could see 2 million trees disappear from the landscape across the area over the next 10 to 15 years.

Tree pack distribution map
A new sapling in a woodland

What are the end products?

Esther Rosewarne, Landscape Partnership Manager at the Woodland Trust, said: “After the storms and drought of the past year we know we need trees in our landscape more than ever. The benefits of trees in mitigating climate change are well understood – they stabilise our soils, increase water infiltration, and benefit livestock and wildlife alike, all whilst locking up carbon. It is vital that we replace the trees we are losing to disease so that we can protect our local landscape and continue enjoying the benefits that those trees provide”.

This season’s tree packs are fully subsidised for landowners in the Eastern Claylands and are available at no cost on a first come, first served basis due to their limited availability.

Landowners in the Eastern Claylands area can request up to two packs of 50 saplings. These will be ready for collection on select dates in December, January, and February. Pick-up locations include:


  • Stonham Aspal

  • Boxted (Stour Valley)

  • Bedingham (Bungay)

  • Nowton Park

  • Cressing

For more details and to secure a tree pack, visit our events page.

Need help with something else?

If you are in the Eastern Claylands, find out more about how we can help you with creating new woodlands, agroforestry, or restoring ancient woodland or by contacting

Not in the Eastern Claylands?

Head to our online Tree Shop, where you can apply for part-subsidised tree packs and still help safeguard the role of trees in the landscape. You can also find out about woodland creation and ancient woodland restoration support by visiting our website.

Planting Pinus species
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