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With the current drive towards Carbon, Environmentalism and regenerative, the Drawdown process looks at data driven approach to the most efficient way to counter climate change. The Drawdown Roadmap is a science-based strategy for accelerating climate solutions across sectors, timescales, and geographies. It does a uniquely advantageous process in ranking solutions based on effectiveness, achievability, and cost.

Drawdown in context

The food, agriculture, and land use sector contributes 24 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Farming and forestry practices can also support the role of land in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Many solutions that stop land-based emissions also enhance carbon sinks. Solutions in this sector are significant for improving food security and agricultural resilience as well, because many of them contribute to a more robust food system, better able to withstand climate impacts.

The list of solutions is peppered with agricultural solutions, with the highest rated listed below. Positions correct as of March 2024

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