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Farm Enterprise Strategy

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Business development

Many local farms have seen great success in integrating new processes, technologies and approaches. One of our clients has begun milling the wheat they produce on site to produce their own flour which they can sell at a profit both locally and more wide spread. Other farms have incorporated livestock into arable rotations so reduce fertiliser inputs and create a new revenue streams.

As it would be expected, lessons have been learnt from these implantations which we can help navigate. There are plenty of opportunities through grants and subsidy and maybe even private funding to develop your idea into a profitable new and improved enterprise.


Environmental services

SFWAG sit on many local panels and work groups for clean air, water quality and landscape scale work. Therefore, we have a wealth of opportunities and support for routes to environmental services and eco-farming.


Our data lead approach can target the opportunities for the most environmental impact with little to no productivity impact. Quite often, we use ecological processes to benefit the farm operation, through either reducing inputs or improving soil quality. 



If you are looking to develop new avenues of business revenue, then Suffolk FWAG can advise through the process. New crop varieties and species can reduce disease risk across the farm and increase resilience to change, but may require new inputs and considerations, something which we, as advisors, can accumulate and relate from other enterprises going through the same processes. Even new businesses such as glamping and fishing lakes can offer the same concerns and opportunities which we can help you navigate.


Interested in starting a farm shop, glamping ground, or trout fishing lake? Or are you more interested in regenerative and organic farming? We can help.


Through our advisor's knowledge or cooperation with our existing members who have successfully begun these enterprises. There may be funding available or mistakes you can learn from. Have a non-committal conversation with us to develop your ideas.


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