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Natural Capital Baselines

Through our partnership to FERA we utilise the Land360 process which uses NASA quality satellite imagery to accurately measure, map existing land habitat features, and model biodiversity offerings to help farmers, landowners, and estate managers make informed land use decisions.

All of this raw data, combined with a site walkover and conversation with key farm operatives, is then processed by our team and distilled into a report. Included in this are comprehensive maps that relate directly to RPA maps, nutrient maps, and cropping information.

What will you get out of it?

The report details and records all environmental, sustainable, organic and regenerative achievements already in place on the farm. Any opportunities, threats and risks are also identified and discussed with an analysis of responses and actions that could be employed.


This will collate as much data as possible on your farm so that you have the most informative map to generate the most informed decisions possible for your goals and profit.

Space Satellite

Part of the process...

While the report is a comprehensive record, potential data pool, and opportunity map, it can be used as a jumping off point for many of our other products.


Biodiversity Net Gain, for example, requires comprehensive mapping to create the model to calculate the biodiversity units that are ultimately what is traded against.


These additional products are listed below, to be discussed whilst meeting with you, and further information can be found on the relevant pages or through enquiries.

  • Biodiversity Net Gain

  • Agroforestry

  • Great Crested Newt ponds

  • Nutrient Management plans

  • Crop rotation plans

Agricultural Fields

Additional benefits

This report process is done in adherence with Red Tractor and LEAF marque accreditations, so to fulfil any requirements on farm.

It can also incorporate COSHH advice, information on wider projects in your region, grant applications, or even support on programmes such as Excel to enhance administrative productivity. Ultimately, it enables a fully informed conversation with the full suite of expertise the SFWAG team and friends to approach any challenges you face.



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