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Carbon Footprint

Carbon has been of keen interest to our clients and wider community. While we see it as a key aspect of our Natural Capital Baseline data, we focus on using it as an indicator for best practice and, potentially, as a way of enhancing the value of our products in our supply chain.

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How are we approaching this?

As part of our Natural Capital Baseline project, Carbon is a key indicating factor to demonstrate the natural performance of the farm. Combine this with our domestic energy Carbon calculator, and we can inform clients of their Carbon footprint.

Agriculture is one industry that should be capable of being Carbon negative but few farms actually are. We can work out why and introduce schemes that can reduce your Carbon whilst bolstering the natural resources on your farm, whilst impacting the actual crop outputs as little as possible. We also explore funding and schemes that could pay you for these actions and investigate markets that could financially benefit you for being low Carbon.


Want to get involved?

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