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Natural Resource Management


Farm Natural Resources are often a key, overlooked, asset to the farm. Soil, for example, is integral to crop success, and while it washing onto roads and rivers is a critical loss, it's effectiveness in field could bolster yields and prevent it from being washed away. 

What are Natural Resources?

Natural resource management deals with managing the way in which people and natural landscapes interact. It brings together natural heritage management, land use planning, water management, bio-diversity conservation, and the future sustainability of the agri-environmental business. This could be in the way the water cycle operates through the farm, what contaminates and filters it encounters, where it is held, how it interacts with ground water, and what condition it leaves the farm in.


How do we measure and develop it?

Through our baselining approach, SFWAG will gather as much data as possible on the natural aspects on the farm. This is in the form of Biodiversity Units which informs Biodiversity Net Gain credits, though Carbon and, where possible, Nutrient flow through the farm. LiDAR maps combined with national soil data and geomorphology map out flow through the farm. Even on site surveys of hedges, birds combined with anecdotal evidence informs us of farm performance. We then distil this into maps and a report which informs our conversations with you.

Aerial View of a Drone

Wide ranging benefits

Benefits can range from enhanced greening of the farm, returning species of bird, beetle and other life, which will ultimately improve your mental and physical health. Actions to enhance natural resources could lead to increased crop yields and livestock health, or, at least, reduced input costs. A conceited effort to benefit the natural resources of the farm could even build resilience against accusations of pollution or environmental incidents. It can reap benefits on schemes such as stewardship subsidies or BNG credits, or be incorporated into sale prices such as the Wild-Farmed approach.


As advisors, we will work to bring as wide reaching recorded benefits to the land owner as possible, no matter what your project, focus or interest.



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