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Free Range Chicken Farm

What is it?

MARISCO represents a toolbox and an approach to adaptive ecosystem-based management. If facilitates  the integration of a dynamic risk and vulnerability perspective into the management of conservation projects and sites. Explore this website that provides opportunities for learning and training in adaptive MAnagement of vulnerability and RISk at COnservation sites.

This way of thinking clearly maps out the complex and interconnected web of threats, opportunities and risks that effect the owned land, landscape and catchment. Key to this method is the input of multi-stakeholder groups which get together and discuss ecosystem services, likely impacts of climate change, as well as other direct and underlying threats. This discussion is supported by further knowledge, such as scientific data that is collected beforehand and presented in an easy to understand way during the stakeholder get-together.



MARISCO affirms and demonstrates that this is possible and that uncertainty and risk are common factors for consideration when planning for adaptive management. MARISCO can facilitate adaptation to climate change, but only if it is integrated into a broader concept of ecosystem-based climate management and ecosystem-based sustainable development.


It is underpinned by a strong philosophy and theoretical platform that includes ecosystem and complex systems theories, as well as non-equilibrium thermodynamics. It represents a visualised systematic process designed for collecting, ordering and documenting both knowledge and non-knowledge related to biodiversity, threats and drivers of change, as well as the conservation management for a given site.

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