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Source to Sea

Suffolk FWAG is proud to be a key stakeholder, consultant and project creator for the Source to Sea project. Focussed around the River Deben, the scheme seeks a wholistic approach to landscape scale improvements to the river with the opportunity to fund landowner projects along the scheme.

Kingfisher perched

Suffolk FWAG's goals

Suffolk FWAG is keen to use this collaboration to gather data on the river and how it interacts with our clients in the catchment. This scheme's goal to fund projects to improve water quality is a golden opportunity fund farm projects, so if you think something you are doing/want to do could be incorporated, let us know so we can champion action.

This is also a key piece of learning we intend to extend out to the wider county, taking the lessons the project teaches and building on the momentum to help other catchments.

Could this be reedbed filtration systems, water interception bunds and field edges, rainwater collection, or reducing inputs to the farm to remove contaminates to run off? You tell us; get in touch.


Want to get involved?

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