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Dry Field

Chris Knock


1957 - 2024

The Thinking Farmer

Chris had a long and distinguished career across the agricultural and agri-environmental landscape, pioneering and leading by example. We were honoured when Chris saw the potential in Suffolk FWAG, and agreed to become our chairman.

Chris is often described as the thinking farmer due to his insightful problem solving skills on farm. He was an early adopter of regenerative farming practices to replenish and restore his farm's soil, both with nutrients and organic matter. His most recent endeavour focussed on the local flooding and water quality by creating reedbeds across his farm to slow down and filter the water, whilst exploring funding to do so.

Because of this approach, Chris continues to inspire the SFWAG team to honour his legacy by producing, sustaining and championing innovative, ecology lead, sustainable solutions to the problems facing agriculture.

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